Mens lingerie buying guide | How to pick out lingerie

Mens lingerie buying guide | How to pick out lingerie

12th Jan 2020

Let’s start by congratulating you for your bravery. The majority of men panic and shy away from buying lingerie for their partner and instead opt for a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates on a special occasion. Scented candle? Really? Like we need another one of those. But not you. You are brave. Going that extra mile; you are boldly stepping out into the world of lingerie and shall be duly rewarded!

“It really isn’t that tricky.”

Seriously, buying lingerie for your partner can seem like a minefield but if you get it right she will look and feel amazing, and, better still, you will reap the rewards. We have put together a handy simple guide to help you on your way, stick to these tips and it will be happy endings all round. It really isn’t that tricky. If anything, it can be quite fun.

What’s HER taste?

Fight the urge to choose the first red lingerie set you see, unless you know that’s what she likes. What lingerie has she chosen to wear in front of you on special occasions? Maybe she particularly likes blue, or she’s keen on something with a bit of glamour and sparkle. Does she like to cover her tummy? If so, perhaps a bodysuit, slip or cami would make her happier? Remember those special moments and choose something that she will not only love but feel confident in. Is this something you’d like to see her wear regularly or is it just a novelty?

Check her size

You might be clueless as to what bra and knicker size your partner is but there is an easy way to find out; look at the labels on her lingerie! Not just any lingerie though, take notice of a set she wears regularly or has said she loves. If you do this, you are likely to get a really good fit match (women usually have a few different sizes of bras, so always go with a current favourite). Have a rummage in her lingerie drawer and check a few bras or lingerie items if you can. Just don’t get caught!

(Saving face tip: In the event of getting caught rummaging through her lingerie draw honesty is the only way forward. Explain that you were checking the size as you wanted to buy something nice. Any other explanation is only likely to end in trouble.)

Buy Online if you’re afraid of the stores

You can browse our store by lingerie size. If you are in any doubt, or haven’t been able to discern what bra size your partner is, opt for a clothes size bodies or camis.

Buying online anyway is a great way to shop. Chill out, put a few options into your virtual basket and take as long as you need to make your final choice. Buying lingerie for a woman is like buying a gift for yourself, if you get it right and she is happy, feels sexy and has confidence wearing it, it will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Men. We salute you and take a look at our fabulous range of lingerie and swimwear at . We offer free returns on all items (providing its unworn and the tags haven’t been removed.), free delivery on all purchases over £60 and it’s all discreetly packaged and above all great quality. If you’re really lost as what to get why not drop us a line, we’re more than happy to help where we can.

Free Returns. Free Delivery On All Orders Over £60.

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