What is a Spacer Bra? How do they differ from a t-shirt bra?

What is a Spacer Bra? How do they differ from a t-shirt bra?

Published by Jo Jaques on 12th Jan 2020

The easiest way to explain is if we start with the t-shirt bra. For most women it’s the most familiar bra style and the go to bra for comfort, support, shape and of course versatility. A bra that will blend beautifully under clothes with its flat, smooth surfaces and gives the appearance of having a virtually perfect shaped bust. So what is a spacer bra? It’s a t-shirt bra essence but the ‘spacer’ element is the material that’s used in the bra cups.

A downside of many foam based moulded cup bras and padded bras is that they can make you feel a bit hot and sweaty and for some moving away from that bra style to something lighter weight might be a compromise on support, too sheer and simply not the style you’re looking for. The solution here is the spacer bra. 

What are spacer cups? 

The fabric design is almost like a honeycomb, a 3D fabric design, that emulates the shape and style of those popular moulded t-shirt bra cups but with none of the weight and the benefit of superb breathability through the fabric. In fact, if you hold the cup up to a light, you can practically see right through it but when worn there’s none of that transparency.

“….dual layer 3D fabric designs it’s the latest in bra tech!” 

Thankfully, the lightness of the materials does not equate to a loss in support and shape. Many of the spacer cup bras that are on the market are stronger than their seamless, t-shirt and padded counterparts. The 3D design of the fabric allows the cup to mould to your shape for comfort whilst still maintaining that smooth outer style for that seamless look like that of a t-shirt bra. 

“spacer bras are so cool that you never really perspire in them.”

It all sounds pretty futuristic and cool, with dual layer 3D fabric designs it’s the latest in bra tech! A spacer fabric bra feels light and airy, allowing your skin to breathe naturally with no compromise on the support you need and expect from a bra. We’d go as far as saying spacer bras are so cool that you never really perspire in them. 

So when asked what does a spacer bra do, its simple. It does everything your favourite t-shirt bra does but keeps you potentially a whole lot cooler and just as comfortable and supportive. 

The Perfect Travel Bra

Something that always frustrates us about a moulded or foam bra cups is they can easily end up with annoying creases that just won’t go. Ladies, its our own fault most of the time as we stuff our bras in a drawer rather than neatly putting them away or cram them in a suitcase for holiday. The spacer fabric bra cups don’t suffer this fate! It doesn’t matter if the cups get all squashed up, especially when we’re packing that suitcase for a getaway, the 3D fabric bounces back to how it should look as soon as its put back on. Don’t go bending the under-wires though, they’re not supposed to get bent and squashed up! 

What are the choices of spacer bras at Mysmartypants? 

Chantelle were one of the first brands to feature spacer bras in their collections. As the describe them: 

“Spacer bras – Featherlight in feel….spacer fabric bras that mould to your shape and support without the heavy feel” 

Two key choices is the classic style and elegance of the Chantelle True Lace plunge spacer bra and the pretty layered style of the Passionata Miss Joy spacer t-shirt bra. Both from Chantelle with Passionata being the sister brand to Chantelle. 

Chantelle True Lace Plunge Spacer Bra

Chantelle True Lace Plunge Spacer Bra

A mix of beautiful soft lace covers the cups and leads up the neckline, accented by modern graphic banding. An everyday supportive and comfortable style, Chantelle True Lace spacer fabrics for the cups, a 3D fabric design that's lightweight and breathable, enhancing comfort without the loss of support and shaping. The bra sits on a base for additional support with underwired cups and fully adjustable straps for perfect adjustment. The style creates a desirable plunging deep V neckline, perfect for lower cut tops, dresses and a wide variety of fashion styles. Fabrics feel soft against the skin and are ECO-Designed, making use of sustainable and recycled fabrics as part of the manufacturing process. A wonderful everyday style mixing the modern graphic and elasticated banding with the classic style of lace in an exquisite Chantelle bra. Finished at the centre with a jewellery item featuring the Chantelle 'C'. 

True Lace Plunge Spacer Bra Features:

  • Spacer fabric in a light and breathable 3D fabric
  • Lace overlay to the smooth cups
  • Underwired cups sit on a base for support and shaping
  • Deep V plunging neckline accented by graphic banding
  • Centre and sides in a soft opaque fabric and lined with tulle for support
  • Straight back band with a mix of tulle and opaque fabrics
  • Full adjustable straps and 4-range hook and eye closure
  • ECO-Design utilising sustainable and recycled fibres as part of the manufacturing process

Passionata Miss Joy spacer bra


This gorgeous every day spacer bra from the Passionata Miss Joy range mixes technological innovation with comfort, fit, superb shape and a mix of transparency and opacity for a ultra feminine look. Lighter and more breathable than a t-shirt bra the spacer bra acts like a second skin but with all the benefits of a virtually seamless look under tighter clothing.

Superbly styled with a tulle fabric layer layered over the moulded spacer cups this spacer bra creates a beautiful look with a natural and rounded shape and plunging neckline. Finishing details are the Guipure butterfly accents to the twin straps with a larger embroidered butterfly to the right hand strap. Available in your colour choice of black, white or cappuccino.


  • Technological innovation 'Spacer': lighter and more breathable than a t shirt bra, to be worn like a second skin
  • Double strap design with a Guipure butterfly adorning the point where the straps begin along with a larger butterfly to the right hand strap
  • Layering effect between the spacer fabric and the tulle covering it

Newer styles from Passionata and Chantelle include the gorgeous Passionata Marta half cup style bra and the desirable plunging neck line of Chantelle’s Day to Night

The spacer bra is a versatile style that we’re sure you’ll love if you try it.

**Updated 5th August 2022**

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