Lingerie Bestsellers | Chantelle Festivite Bra

Lingerie Bestsellers | Chantelle Festivite Bra

Published by Jo Jaques on 3rd Jul 2020

Chantelle has multiple front-runners when it comes to their bra collections but the Chantelle Festivite plunge bra has been a big story for a few years now. With regular seasonal colour choices as well as the staple everyday colours our customers have loved the choice and the style suits so many.

Here's a few reasons which the Chantelle Festivite bra is such a popular style choice - 

Triangle-bra effect, but with plenty of support - Triangles have been in fashion, but they have been a challenge if you're a larger cup size. Festivite provides the fantastic stylish look, but suits many more bust types.

Versatile fit - Feedback tells us that its one of the go to Chantelle bras and the one many fitters, including ourselves and in boutiques give people to try on, and it just fits. From a 32C to someone post-pregnancy Festivite is a superb everyday bra.

Lace Detail - The lace overlay is gorgeous, a touch of luxury that is extremely wearable everyday. Chantelle is renown for its quality fabrics and this bra offers no shortage of sophistication and style.

Low cut for plunging necklines - The centre bridge or gore (that bit in the middle of your bra) is particularly good for open shirts and blouses, or deep-v dresses and v neck jumpers.

Elastic lace is genius! - The flat, elastic lace allows the bra to be more flexible and versatile so it can fit more women but it's also subtle enough to not show up under closer fitting clothing. Just like your favourite t-shirt bras.

Great colour range: The Chantelle Festivitie not only comes in the core colours of black and golden beige but there have been some amazing fashion colours dropped seasonally, everything from brights such as daffodil and red to more muted tones like ice blue and teal.

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